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About our school

Welcome to the Armidale Secondary College community.

Armidale Secondary College is the combination of 2 schools with a long and proud history and a school that will strive to foster in all young people the ability to collaborate, reflect critically, communicate and express themselves creatively while developing a strong sense of community engagement and global responsibility.

At Armidale Secondary College, the personalised learning needs of all young people will be realised via a highly differentiated curriculum which will be a feature of our middle-school model. A student advisory program (CREW) will be a central tenant in the social and emotional aspects of learning and will see every student supported on a daily basis by a member of staff known as a learning adviser.

We are not just preparing learners for future pathways in the 21st Century but to open our thinking to see the possibilities for innovation and to inspire learners to create their own unique opportunities for the future.

Our programs, will be supported by contemporary resources and the latest research on teaching and learning. Students will build their skills, self-confidence, leadership abilities and community spirit through a rigorous, but rich and varied curricular and co-curricular program.

Our college vision statement of 'Our Future, Our Learning' reflects a commitment to an environment that will create strong and open partnerships between our students, home, staff, community and local industry, training and further education providers.

Armidale Secondary College is committed to all members of the school community working together to provide a safe, caring and responsive learning environment. Such a learning culture can be developed when based on the core values of respect, responsibility and resilience.

School mission

Armidale Secondary College provides the skills and attributes to be confident, resourceful, responsible, lifelong learners as well as active and informed global citizens. Our community promotes creativity, collaboration and success for every learner through a safe, inclusive environment, and a personalised, relevant curriculum.

Visual 'fly-through'

Watch the Armidale Secondary College Visual 'fly-through' Youtube video below.

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