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Stage 6

Studiosity Support

As you are aware, thanks to the UNE, Studiosity is now available to assist our senior students. As such, it is important that everyone is aware of how to make use of this online study support, where to find it and how it can help. 

There are two ways students get study help:

  • Connect Live. Ask a question and get connected to an online Subject Specialist who helps them figure it out on their own (available for core subject areas including English, maths, science, business and more).
  • Writing Feedback. Students can upload their draft written work, like essays, and in less than 24 hours they’ll receive their document back full of really useful, actionable feedback on how to improve it.

How do students log in?

Visit and find their school, then go through to Goalhub to create their account by clicking the ‘secret link’ in the UNE logo on the top navigation bar:

Reminder: to access Studiosity, students just need to sign into their Goal Hub account and click the UNE link on the top banner.


Senior 11/12

Digital Theatre Plus

*Access through ID and Password provided by teacher


Drama sites: