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Bring Your Own Device

Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) at Armidale Secondary College

BYOD is a school policy that enhances digital capacity in students to ready them for the future workplace. Students bring a device to make learning deeper, more personalised and student-centred. 

Students have the opportunity to bring a device to assist with their learning (eg. netbook or laptop with a minimum screen size of 9"). The device will be attached to the DoE wireless network (which operates on 802.11abgn/ac 2.4 & 5 GHz frequencies) and the school will provide the same filtered internet access used on all school owned technology.

It is essential to understand that Armidale Secondary College takes no responsibility for the device and minimal ongoing technical support will be available.  It is very important that parents and students familiarise themselves with the DoE BYOD Policy. Unfortunately damage to, or loss of BYOD technology is not covered under DoE Treasury Managed Fund insurance policies. When purchasing devices parents may also have the option to purchase an insurance policy from the supplier or relevant insurance company.

Students and parents must sign and return a BYOD Student Agreement before students start using their devices at school. Staff will have access to lists of students participating in BYOD programs through the school's Sentral administration system.

If families are unable to provide a device due to financial constraints the school has a tiered process of support. Please make contact with Year Advisors (7, 8, 11 and 12), Stage HT (Stage 4 and 6), Deputy (Stage 4 or 6) or Mr Andrew Curry (Leader Technology & BYOD) to discuss our Loan options. 

Bring Your Own Device Structure

Our BYOD structure includes 2 tiers to ensure all students have access to technology to assist with their learning:-

  • Tier 1 - Outright Purchase - students purchase and bring their own laptop to school to assist with learning.
  • Tier 2 - Loan Device - STAGE 6 -  students are digitally allocated a school owned laptop for use at home and at school. The device must be returned to school each term to comply with audit requirements.   STAGE 4 - students can apply for a day loan. Students are responsible for picking up and returning the device to the TSO daily, before and after school These devices cannot be taken home.

Device Purchasing

To simplify purchasing for parents we have partnered with resellers to provide purchase options for student laptops. We have recommended Laptops that are compatible, affordable, durable and compact. Purchases can be picked up in store or shipped directly to your home address. See information and Portals further down the page.


ASC does not recommend parents purchase tablet devices (iPads, Android tablets) for BYOD. In the case where a student has an existing tablet that could be used for BYOD, we encourage parents and students to discuss this option with Mr Andrew Curry (Leader Technology & BYOD).

Existing devices

The use of existing devices is whole-heartedly encouraged. If students have an existing laptop that they would like to use for our BYOD program, please ensure the laptop meets the following requirements:-

Laptop Specifications

  • Minimum screen size of 11"
  • Wireless 802.11abgn/ac 2.4 or 5GHz
  • Minimum 4GB RAM
  • Minimum 64GB Hard Disk
  • Minimum 6 hour battery life
  • Active virus protection
  • Chrome browser installed
  • Sturdy protective case

Operating system - Ideally devices should have the current version of any operating system (eg. Windows 10, macOS 10.12) so the device can access the latest software/apps and updates. 

Hardware features - Devices must have a physical keyboard. Headphones should be brought for listening to audio. Students may also find a mouse, microphone, webcam, or stylus helpful, but these are not required. 

Software and apps

Devices must have software or apps that allow for:

    ✦  Internet browsing (Eg. Chrome, Safari, Microsoft Edge)
    ✦  Word processing and note taking (Eg. Microsoft Word, Pages, OneNote)
    ✦  Creating spreadsheets (Eg. Microsoft Excel, Numbers)
    ✦  Creating presentations (Eg. Microsoft PowerPoint, Keynote)

Students can download FREE Microsoft and Adobe software for laptops via the student portal. See video further down the page.

Active antivirus software must be installed. 

Please be advised that Windows 10 does include Windows Antivirus software.

Protective case

A sturdy protective case is essential for all student devices. Our school recomends cases with hard protective sides to guard against damage.


Students are expected to fully charge their devices at home ready for the school day. Students should not bring chargers to school.

HARVEY NORMAN  (temporarily unavailable)

CLICK here to ACCESS Harvey norman PORTAL 

We now have live a portal for parents to use to purchase students BYOD devices for Armidale Secondary College. The portal offers special pricing for Armidale Secondary College.

Pricing on this portal is live, so as pricing changes with different national promotions the pricing will adjust automatically so no one is disadvantaged. 

The special pricing is available in store but the parents must advise the staff during the consultation that the device is for ASC.


JB HiFi  (temporarily unavailable)


Enter School Code: ASCBYOD


HEWLITT PACKARD   (temporarily unavailable)

Click here to ACCESS HP PORTAL


Ecoupon: armidale5%

We have listed the Windows devices under ENTRY, MID and HIGH Level devices and Accessories TAB.  The Accessories TAB offers optional items such as Case and Mice.   

The Windows devices purchased all come with 3 Years Onsite Warranty with the option to purchase ADP Insurance which covers the device for 3 claims over 3 years with a Zero excess fee.

We’ve included an eCoupon code armidale5% for purchases between now and end of December 2020 will give the parents an additional 5% discount.  When parents make a purchase online at check-out they add the eCoupon code and 5% will come off the total order with all pricing including delivery. 

The Interest Free Finance TAB is also included on the Banner however if any parents want more information or to discuss please contact Katrina Parker directly -
M +61 438 898 814

ASC BYOD Documents

BYOD Links

  • Free Student Software  All students have access to free software from Microsoft and Adobe as part of the DoE Enterprise Agreement. Students also have access to online cloud storage using Office365 and G Suite platforms. No additional software purchases are required for student devices. See below for installation tutorial.

Digital Citizenship

ASC encourages students to be positive digital citizens when using technology for learning at school. For more information and resources see DoE Digital Citizenship

Need more help?

For further information, please contact Mr Andrew Curry (Leader Technology & BYOD) - via the school office