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Technology Mandatory

Technology Mandatory

This key learning area includes

  • Digital Technology
  • Food Technology
  • Industrial Technology
  • Textiles
  • Education Early Childhood


Years 7 & 8

Digital Technologies Hub

Browse a variety of tasks and get hints and help to create your own blog, iMovie, and 3D animations. 


Australian Guide to Healthy Eating 

Google Classroom: Class code: 4argnq4

Use the nutrition calculators to work out your daily nutrition requirements. Then use the serving guide to create a healthy meal plan for you and your family. 


Australian Innovation 

Google Classroom. Class code: 4argnq4

Create a timeline which displays past and present Australian Innovations.

Choose one of the Australian innovations and research:

  • Who invented it
  • When was it invented?
  • What was the industry need for this innovation?
  • How did this Innovation change every day life?

Is this innovation still used today or has it been innovated further?


3D Printing

Google Classroom. Class code: 4argnq4

Learn about 3D Printing processes – view slides and answer questions


Arduino & TinkerCAD

Google Classroom. Class code: 4argnq4

Watch videos and recreate Arduino circuits using TinkerCAD


Years 9 & 10

Year 9 FT

Please refer to our regular Google Classroom.


Year 9 & 10 Industrial Technology

Woodworking tips

Online videos. Google classroom. Class code: 4sf33m7

View the videos and note any techniques that would improve your current practice


Developing a Plan

Online Videos

Google Classroom. Class code: 4sf33m7

View the videos and develop a plan for a wood project. Include idea sketches and a set of working drawings.


Google Sketchup

Tutorials and task

Google Classroom. Class code: 4sf33m7

Use chrome to open the student portal. Follow the tutorials to develop skills in Sketchup.

Take accurate measurements and draw a 3D model of a household item. 


Year 11 Hospitality

Please refer to our regular Google Classroom.


Year 12 EEC

Please refer to our regular Google Classroom.