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Years 7 to 10

Education Perfect

Students complete a range of tasks in the language that they are learning. This can include:

  • Vocabulary drills

  • Listening tasks

  • Writing tasks

  • Topic quizzes


    Languages Online

    Students complete a range of tasks in the language that they are learning. This can include:

  • Vocabulary drills
  • Listening tasks
  • Writing task
  • Topic quizzes

 Students can also extend themselves by starting a new language



Students can start a new language or continue with a language they are already learning. Duolingo is great for vocabulary drills, learning syntax and practising speaking basic words and phrases.


Google Classroom or Edmodo

All Language classes have a Google Classroom or Edmodo group. Students are encouraged to continue working in these platforms for more direct contact with their teacher and up-to-date lessons and work to do.


Key Learning Area: Japanese

Year 8-2 and 9-4 (Moa Sensei)

These 2 classes of Year 8 Japanese are all familiar with our online learning platform EDMODO. Students have been using this actively this term, therefore they should all have their login details. Students have also been reminded to write their login details in the back of their Japanese book. If they have lost their details, students need to email Moa Sensei so she can reset their password…..

I am also adding Parents to these Edmodo classes so you can see student progress and any tasks that need submitting. You can also direct message me on Edmodo if you have any questions re classwork.


TASKS for year 8:

In Edmodo there will be links for EDUCATION PERFECT where online quizzes and vocabulary exercises can be accessed. Students should mainly concentrate on learning Hiragana and Katakana to improve reading. Topics they can study are: Self-Introductions, Numbers (counting and money in Japan), Pets and animals, Family terminology, and sports and hobbies. Links for these topics will be posted on Edmodo or students can find websites they find interesting and share with the class.

EDMODO online classroom (Students have login) 

The main platform where all work will be posted. 



Excellent website for Hiragana and Katakana learning. 



Search Quizlet and learn any vocabulary you are interested in. CREATE your own login and make you own word lists. 


Kidsweb JAPAN

Learn all about cool things in Japan! Excellent general learning website. 


Origami Club

CREATE some awesome Origami – take a pic and share with us on EDMODO.


Digital Dialects

Fun and excellent website to learn vocabulary. Write lists into your Japanese book too to practise your writing skills.



WATCH Studio Ghibli movies or Anime in JAPANESE – Excellent for LISTENING and LEARNING Japanese culture