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Principal's message

Armidale Secondary College stands as a modern, purpose-built institution situated on the ancestral lands of the Anaiwan People. Our educational voyage commenced in Term 1 of 2021, drawing upon the esteemed legacies of Armidale and Duval High Schools. Embracing these rich histories, we journey into the future hand in hand, nurturing a collective ethos that champions collaboration, critical reflection, effective communication, and creative expression among our youth. Simultaneously, we instil in them a profound sense of community involvement and global responsibility.

Our mission transcends mere preparation for the 21st Century; it encompasses fostering an innovative mindset that empowers learners to forge their own distinct pathways forward. 

At Armidale Secondary College, we tailor our approach to meet the diverse learning requirements of each individual through a meticulously crafted curriculum supported by a holistic care system. Backed by contemporary tools and insights gleaned from the forefront of educational research, our students hone their abilities, self-assurance, leadership acumen, and community ethos via a comprehensive blend of academic and extracurricular endeavours.

The guiding principle of "Our Future, Our Learning" encapsulates our pledge to cultivate robust, symbiotic relationships among students, families, faculty, the wider community, and local stakeholders in industry, training, and higher education. We cultivate a culture of continuous improvement, fostering a growth mindset that propels our entire school community forward on a daily basis.

Embedded within our ethos are the core values of Respect, Responsibility, and Resilience, anchoring our commitment to collaborative effort within our school community.

Together, we cultivate a safe, nurturing, and responsive environment wherein students assume ownership of, tailor and embrace accountability for their educational journey.

Sarah Travis