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Exciting News from Armidale Secondary College!


Exciting News from Armidale Secondary College!

We're thrilled to announce the arrival of electric buses at ASC, marking a significant step towards a greener, more sustainable future!

At ASC, we believe in making learning relevant and engaging. These electric buses exemplify the real-world applications of our classroom teachings:

Year 7s: Exploring forces and Newton's laws, and how they relate to vehicle motion and safety features, especially pertinent with the electric buses' fast acceleration.

Year 8s: Investigating environmental impacts and human interactions. The electric buses and local solar farms offer valuable insights into sustainable energy systems.

Year 9s and 10s: Delving into chemistry, understanding battery reactions, and the conversion of chemical energy into electricity and back again with electrical input ideally from renewable power. The buses serve as a perfect illustration of this process.

The introduction of electric buses not only highlights the future of transportation but also underscores the importance of regional sustainability. We envision this as just the beginning, sparking a movement towards embracing electric vehicles in our region.

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